Dr Hayley Roberts

Community Archaeology Manager

Hayley is our Community Archaeology Manager. Having worked for Cambridge Archaeological Unit for many years, both in the field as an archaeologist and managing outreach projects, she gained her PhD in Community Archaeology from Bournemouth University in 2017. Since then she has juggled raising a family with community archaeology projects for Dorset Area for Outstanding Natural Beauty and Past Participate. She is also a visiting Fellow at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Bournemouth, and secretary of the Chartered Institute for Archaeology (CIfA) Community and Voluntary Special Interest Group.

About Hayley

Most fun I’ve had in a field: Managing the outreach component of the Ham Hill Excavations (Somerset)

Favourite archaeological landscape: South Dorset Ridgeway

Hardest project to date: Pulling off a successful Roman Street Party in several inches of mud and snow www.archaeology.co.uk/articles/news/roman-in-the-snow-hundreds-visit-nw-cambridge-site-open-day.htm

Biggest achievement: Completing my PhD on time

Most bling artefact discovered: Trumpington Cross www.cam.ac.uk/trumpingtoncross

Plans for the future: To keep introducing new audiences to archaeology

What I think community archaeology is: participation in all types of archaeological research by all types of people.

Interesting and accessible publications and reports written by me

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Interesting and accessible reports written about my work

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