Field Season 2019

In June 2019 we opened a  machine stripped an area of 24 x 22m that was centred on an arc of five large pit-like magnetic anomalies located between the stone circle and barrow KR14.          

Preliminary results:

The five large magnetic anomalies were geological in origin, but they masked numerous prehistoric features. It is probable that the earliest features examined were a series of four intercutting pits that did not contain any of the artefactual material abundant elsewhere in the trench. A group of six postholes were investigated toward in the north-west corner of the trench. ‘Pot boilers’ had been reused as post-packing and other artefacts included pottery, daub and struck flint. A curvilinear gully situated to the east of these postholes may have been the foundation for a plank-in-trench built structure. Further east were another two postholes and a pit containing cremated bone, carbonised organics, daub and possible mould fragments.